South Brent Steepers and woodfuel from hedges – 2017 season.

'South Brent Steepers' is a lively group of SSB volunteers who are in their sixth year of hedge laying and collecting wood for fuel. New members, young and old, beginners as well as those with previous experience are invited to join them for fresh air, exercise, new skills, informal cooperation, input from a hedge-laying expert and a share of the wood with occasional hot soup. They provide tools, other necessary equipment and a wood-processing machine to cut the logs and store them under cover. Lifts to Penstave Copse are available from the Station Car Park at 9.50am. Steeping venues for this season are:

Sunday 12 November 2017   Penstave Copse: coppicing

Sunday 26 November 2017   Penstave Copse: coppicing

Sunday 10 December 2017   Railway Wood – coppicing, path clearance, woodland maintenance

Sunday 24 December 2017   Penstave Copse: coppicing

Newcomers welcome! NB. The programme is subject to weather and liable to change so contact first to confirm. 

For more information please contact Harry Jennings on 01364 649 236 or Rowan Wylie on 0797 764 3376

join the mailing list - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and look in the SSB website for the Hedges and Woodland page