Rainbow Tai Chi classesFor more energy, better health and happiness!’ with Robin and Liza 

Thursdays from 7-8.15pm in the Old School Community Centre. Rainbow Tai Chi consists of 8 exercises and principles, which are applied on a ‘heart, body, mind and spirit’ level. You can learn to connect back to your heart(beat), to your real happy peaceful self, and to the Chi (intrinsic energy), to bring you more energy and vitality.

Rainbow Tai Chi exercises are beneficial for sleep problems, heart problems, feeling restless, low self-esteem, depression, arthritis, and a lot more  Robin Meulen and Liza Disselhorst have recently graduated as Rainbow Tai Chi & Chi Kung teachers and would like to welcome anyone who wants to (un)learn to find more balance and happiness within themselves.

“The holistic healing approach of Rainbow Tai Chi has given us the practical tools to be more peaceful, lighter, happier, healthier and feel more confident within ourselves and we feel inspired to share this with you in our weekly classes”

A new cycle of 10 classes starts on Thursday 27 September 2018 running until Thursday 13 December (no class on 25 October & 15 November).

Cost: £50 for 10 week cycle/ £7 drop in.

Come to the first class to see if it is something for you, and let us help you to relax, let go, and balance your own negatives and positives to get to a balanced state of being of feeling more peace and relaxation.

For more information and enrolment, please call us at 07745903356 or

email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or see


Find out more about Rainbow Tai Chi at www.rainbow-taichi.org.uk.