South Brent WI 2017 programme

 Meetings are held in the Old School Community Centre 7-15 for 7-30 start.

Jan 17th: Discussion of the  2017 WI Resolutions.  

Bring and share supper. (open to WI members only)

Competitions: 1) Bloom of the month.  2) The worst Christmas present

Feb 21st Brooch making - Wendy Harris

Competitions:   1) Bloom of the month.   2) Jewellery  made from recycled components.

March 21st: Paignton Zoo now and then - Jenny Paton

Competitions: 1) Bloom of the month.  2) Best animal photo.

April 18th: Stories of a store detective  - Julie Turner

Competitions: 1) Bloom of the month  2) Decorated burglar mask.                                

May 16th Annual Meeting plus a plant swop. (open to WI members only)

Competitions:   1) Bloom of the month   2) Hair ornament decorated with flowers in any medium.

June 20th: How my brother and I developed our business - Nick Hewison of Blueberry Brothers

Competitions: 1) Bloom of the month.  2) An Animal made out of a vegetable

July 18th: Devon Historical and hysterical - Maggie Duffy

Competitions1) Bloom of the month  2) Poem on a Devon theme.

Sept 19th : My life in theatre and Television as a production set designe - Lynda Kettle.

Competitions  : 1) Bloom of Month  2) Stage set for a Shakespeare play in a box. (max  18’’ sq.)

Oct 17th: Quickes Cheeses-Stuart Dowle

Competitions : 1) Bloom of the month  2) Cheese straws x 3

Nov 21st : Nepal - Educating Girls - Ann Marcer

Competitions: 1) Bloom of the month  2) Bookmark any medium.

Dec 12th : TBC 

Competitions1) Bloom 0f the month  2) Homemade Christmas cracker